3 Common Styles of Travellers

The Fully Independent Traveller 

The Fully Independent Travelers (FIT) are typically individuals who are poised of seeing the world on their own. This manner can provide great value and allow flexibility. It lets them to be active partakers rather than an observer of all the experiences. The Fully Independent Traveller may have more chances in cultural involvement when staying with locals, for instance, and generally have greater access to familiar events. The people using this style of travel require assessing and mitigating risks.

The Group Traveller 

The Group Traveller likes the comfort of a guide and fixed journey and the beginning of date of the tour is called the Fixed Departure Date (FDD). Group sizes vary with small groups ranging from 10 to 20 and larger groups having up to 50 participants. Commonly the group size is determined by the transport choices and the lodging options available at the destinations. One of the advantages of groups is the possibility of meeting like-minded persons. Many a long-term friendship has been made during group journeys, particularly small group trips. The group leader can also put insights into the activities during the tour making it more exciting. Small group tours tend to be more relaxed and a little flexible in their activities.

The Specialty Traveller

The Specially Traveller is searching for something particular, like business, photography, adventure health, mission, volunteer or exceptional interest. The needs of these persons vary greatly and care should be taken that risks are recognized and lessened. These trips are commonly like groups but can be for Fully Independent Travelers also.