Work Less and Travel More

The following is a swift outline of some travel tips on how you may arrange your travelling plan.

  1. Take control of your expenses – Sounds clear enough, but how? Work out precisely how much you spend on all, rent, bills, food, insurances etc. Positively it is less than you earn for the balance you must put aside for your trip. 

Now that you recognize where all your cash is going (sometimes this can be a surprise) it’s time to see where you can make some expenses changes that won’t have negative influence on your life style. In other words stop purchasing crap you don’t actually need to get by like new cloths, computer games, TV’s or etcetera. Don’t forget the more you save now, the more you will have for travelling which entails you can stay away longer or live it up more when on the road.

  1. You have to make your upcoming travels an important thing to do. Until you do, you won’t save much, you won’t make the needed changes to your spending, and you won’t make it to the airport. Make it a main concern, because like I said your travels will open your eyes and change your life.
  2. Set a date and never change it – Again clear enough but a lot of people make their goals a moving objective then wonder why they don’t achieve them. Fix a date that will be proper to your financial state and then stick to it. Write it down and stick it on your fridge or something. This way you see it every single day and in turn help to keep you encouraged and focused.