How to Be a Travel Agent

Here are some tips to help you grow into a prosperous travel agent.

Research Travel Institutions and Education 

The least educational requirement for persons who want to become a travel agent is a high school diploma. Computerization and technology have increased training requirements and most employers choose applicants with a higher level of education such as a post-secondary vocational award. 

There are vocational schools that offer full time travel agent packages as well as weekend and evening programs. These programs are also accessible in community colleges and universities.

There are colleges that admit students for bachelors or master’s degree in tourism and travel. Although there are only a little courses that directly relate to travel and tourism, college degrees with background in world history, foreign language, communication and geography are often preferred by employers.

The American Society of Travel Agents features a correspondence program that teaches the basics of travel industry. While most travel agencies provide the job training programs for their workers, there are also a lot of reputable websites that give free detailed information and offer travel agent study course on how to begin a travel agency business from home.

Be a Certified Travel Agent

Certifications will boost your status as an agent and will show clients that you have met the certified standards set by an institution in the industry. The travel industry features a number of certifying organizations that are generally recognized today.