Tips to Hiring a Travel Copywriter

Here are 3 tips to hiring a travel copywriter:

  1. Knows and understands your ideal client’s needs

Hiring a travel copywriter or content writer who never feel the emotions and hear the voice of your ideal customer is not going to cut it. A travel copywriter who has not traveled overseas or never went through immigration and customs will not know the hassle your ideal a travel client may have to go through. So if you want content for tips to international travel or reduce your stress when traveling overseas – a travel copywriter who has never gotten travelling experience may not be able to write effective content.

  1. knows the products or services  

Just like the number one tip above, one need to know the products or services that he/she writes about. One will have more authority and power in his/her copy and content when he/she knows the products or services well.

I have never travelled to Africa. When I was engaged by Sandfield Travel to rewrite content on their website two years ago, I felt speechless and charged way less than what I would have ordinarily charged. I researched, studied the photos, watched videos and worked indeed hard in ensuring the content was SEO-friendly and keyword rich.

In my view the content could have been far better if I had walked the streets of Ghana or personally volunteered in the orphanages. I’m just being candid now that I have done more travel copywriting compared to few years ago.

  1. Have first-hand experiences especially in the travel and hospitality industries.
    Really not all travel copywriters have traveled to every country in the world but some of us travel more or less than others.